Intellectual Property

Non-material assets, such as technological innovations, trade secrets, brand names and logos, internet domain names, designs, and other intellectual creations are increasingly becoming the most valuable assets of companies and organisations in both developing and developed economies worldwide, as they become ever more knowledge based and globalisation has become a reality.

At the same time, product piracy and the counterfeiting of products ranging from luxury goods to foodstuffs and medicines damage economies, undermine the reputation of companies, support organised crime, and can put consumers at risk.

Intellectual property law seeks to protect this intellectual capital and to ensure that rights holders are able to make the reasonable return on their investment which they require to foster creativity and to sustain continued investment in innovation.

Hunters offer a wide range of transactional and dispute resolution services in relation to the creation, protection, commercialisation, management and enforcement of intellectual property and related rights including:

  • Trade marks
  • Copyright
  • Design rights

Our work covers a wide range of industry sectors and client profiles, from award-winning up-and-coming young designers, over multi-national companies and fashion houses, to world-leading academic institutions.

Introducing your intellectual property team

We understand our clients’ needs and tailor our work to each set of circumstances, providing high quality, cost effective advice. We are a multi disciplinary practice and work collaboratively to provide a comprehensive service over all our practice areas.


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