Mediation works by creating an environment in which people can discuss and resolve their differences about finances or arrangements for their children.

Through a series of meetings, our mediators will work with clients to develop and consider their options for resolution, so that they can reach an agreement that will work for them and for their family.

Family mediation is successful in resolving disputes about the division of assets and income on divorce, deciding where children live and how their time is shared within a separated family and working out specific issues such as where children go to school or whether they should travel abroad.

Where court proceedings have been started, the parties to those proceedings can decide to work together in mediation to reach an agreement to bring the ongoing litigation to an end.

Introducing your mediation team

We understand our clients’ needs and tailor our work to each set of circumstances, providing high quality, cost effective advice. We are a multi disciplinary practice and work collaboratively to provide a comprehensive service over all our practice areas.


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